Public Transportation Facilities

Center of the Sarajevo is surrounded by a spinal tram network which circulates counter-clockwise around the city. In the morning (depending on the days) voyages starts at 06:00 and last up 24:00.

Public transport is supported by eight tram lines, five trolleybus lines and numerous bus services in the city. Tickets (tramvayska karta, - tram ticket) can be purchased from kiosks near the tram stations for the one-way ticket (1.60 km) or multiple way ticket (10 rides) (12.80 km). When kiosks are not open, tickets can be purchased from tram driver slightly more expensive (1.80 km) than usual. Tickets must be processed (signed) at the beginning of the journey.

Buses provide access into the city as well as in the residential areas around Sarajevo.


Taxi is one of the main means of transportation in Sarajevo. When you enter a taxicab, the driver will start the taximeter and an initial charge of 2 KM will register. The taximeter will assess a fare of 1,5KM per kilometers. You can take a taxi either at a taxi stand or you can call to a taxi company to your address.

Bank Services

In BIH Euro/Dollar isn’t accepted as a means of currency. You can easily exchange Euro/Dollar with KM in exchange offices, banks or post offices. In BIH, Euro has fix currency rate (1€=1,955KM) but a small amount of fee is deducted. Please don’t forget to have your passport when you want to make any kind of transaction at bank. Money transfer, opening a bank account can be done at all bank branches. Banks are open till 18:00 in weekdays and till 12:00 at Saturdays.


You can easily buy prepaid mobile cards in post offices or kiosks. BH Telekom BIH, HT-Eronet, Mobitelm are mobile communication service providers in BIH.

Once you buy mobile cards and install it to your mobile, you can buy deposit cards from supermarkets and kisosks. You should load units at least once in two months to keep your service running. Deposit units are sold as 5 KM, 10 KM or 20 KM prepaid cards.

Main Bosnian Expressions


1=jedan 12=dvanaest 30=trideset
2=dva 13=trinaest 40=četrdeset
3=tri 14=četrnaest 50=pedeset
4=četiri 15=petnaest 60=šezdeset
5=pet 16=šesnaest 70=sedamdeset
6=šest 17=sedamnaest 80=osamdeset
7=sedam 18=osamnaest 90=devedeset
8=osam 19=devetnaest 100=sto, stotina
9=devet 20=dvadeset 1000=hiljada
10=deset 21=dvadeset jedan 1000000=milijon
11=jedanaest 22=dvadeset dva  







Simple Sentence Patterns

Hello – Zdravo / Dobar dan.

Please. - Molim.

Thank you. - Hvala.

Yes. – Da.

No. – Ne.

Excuse me. – Izvinite.

Ok. – U redu.

Good. – Lijepo.

How are you? - Kako ste?

I’m fine, thank you. - Dobro sam, hvala.

What’s your name? - Kako se zovete?

My name is ______ . - Zovem se ______ .

What did you do tday?-šta si radio danas?

I am _____. - Ja sam ______.

Nice to meet you. - Drago mi je.

You’re welcome.- Nema na čemu.

I’m sorry - Žao mi je.

See you later. - Allahimanet / Zbogom.

Help! - Upomoć!

Be careful! - Pazite!

I don’t understand. - Ne razumijem.

Wher is WC? - Gdje je WC?

Silent! - Šuti!

Don’t Worry. – Ne brinite.

Fine. – Dobro.

Very nice. – Odlično.

Everything is OK. – Sve je u redu.

How is it going? – Kako ide posao?

Sure.- Sigurno.

Good idea. – Dobra ideja.

I hope. – Nadam se.

May be. – Možda.

Excellent. – Izvrsno.

Really? – Istina?

I don’t th’nk so. – Ne vjerujem.

Can I have a ....?. – Molim vas jedan ...?.

With pleaseure. – Sa zadovoljstvom.

It is not Possible. – Nije moguće.

We agreed. – Dogovorili smo se.

Never. – Nikada.

I accept. – To prihvaćam.

I think so. – I ja mislim tako.


Please help me. – Molim vas, pomozite mi.

Could you please help me? – Možete li mi pomoći?

It isn’t a problem for me. – Za mene nema nikakavog problema.

Could you please  speak slowly? -  Mozete li govoriti malo polako?

See you later. - Doviđenja ya da Ćao ya da Zdravo.

I cannot speak Bosnian well - Ne govorim dobro bosanski.

Can you speak English? - Da li govorite engleski?

Is there anyone here who can speak English? - Da li iko ovdje govori engleski?

Good night. - Lahku noć. Laku noć.

Thank you very much. - Hvala lijepo (veya Hvala Puno)

Good morning. - Dobro jutro, Sabah hajrola.

Good evening. - Dobra večer. Dobro veče.


Important Phone Numbers

-    Koşevo Hospital : +387 33 297 000

-    Emergency  - Ambulance   : 124

-    Police : 122

-    Sarajevo Airport : +387 33 289 100

Taxi Companies

-    Crveni Taxi : 061 760600 / 033 760 600

-    Samir i Emir Taxi   : 1516

-    Sarajevo Taxi  : 1515

-    Žuti Taxi : 033 663 555